Friday, July 21, 2017

You Get Me (2017) [TV-MA]

Director: Brent Bonacorso
Writer: Ben Epstein
Bella Thorne as Holly Viola
Taylor John Smith as Tyler Hanson
Halston Sage as Alison Hewitt
Nash Grier as Gil
Anna Akana as Lydia
Brigid Brannagh as Corinne

Synopsis: When a young male in high school finds out his girlfriend - who has been withholding sex from him - used to be a slut, they break up and he finally finds a release and comfort elsewhere. Unfortunately, the young woman he finds solace in, is looking for more than just a one-night stand.

Acting:  17/20

Writing:  36/40
Directing/Editing/Production/Etc:  35/40

Overall:  88/100 B+

Review: This was the first film that I have seen Bella Thorne in, and I must say that she did a phenomenal job playing a sociopathic psycho. Bravo. The writing behind her character was very accurate and insightful and she played the role perfectly. While her cast-mates did not do a bad job, she definitely outshined them.

Speaking of the rest of her cast, what seemed to be a group of unknowns - which was the right casting call - delivered a solid performance but not an outstanding one. They all played their characters well but none of them lost themselves in the role, the way Thorne did.

The script itself was very enthralling (as dealing with a sociopath would be). There were so many tell-tale signs of her character and putting the situation in high school was a great way to add "credibility" to the script. Taylor John Smith did a good job playing your average male teenager who really wouldn't know what to do in such a situation, making a few good calls but mostly some bad ones - all while trying to make the right calls.

This was a great "tale of caution" for young men and young women out there.

Spoiler Alert! 
While the boyfriend was wrong to immediately cheat when he knew he'd want to get back with his girlfriend, it was also wrong of the girlfriend to react the way she did when her boyfriend found out about her past. He had every right to be upset at what he had heard and being drunk, he did overreact.

When the couple had their fight towards the beginning of the film, the girlfriend should never have asked her boyfriend to leave the party knowing he had been drinking. She's supposed to care about him yet she wants to send him away just because he found out something she didn't want him to know and didn't like? That was an extreme reaction, as well as breaking up with him. Of course he was left to think she was sending him away to be with the "ex" and in a large way, she invited Bella Thorne's character into her relationship. If she had not overreacted the way she did and broke up with him etc., he would never have left and fell prey to the predator. And there were also other points made about Ali's taking Tyler for granted and how she hadn't met his family etc. (He was obviously more into her, than she was into him.) Furthermore, Ali's character was more than willing to dish out all of the dirt about her boyfriend to some girl she just met, as well as give her the same amount of trust as she gave her boyfriend, which was clearly out of balance. She definitely made things easier for the Holly/Elizabeth character - at least to the same extent, yet in different ways, than the Tyler character.

In addition, the ending had a very unbelievable sequence that took away from the film's credibility. When Holly/Elizabeth shot Tyler (presumably aiming for Ali), she then turned the gun on Gil. This made no sense and was a bad call. The right call would have been to have her then shoot Ali, as she was ultimately the source of her frustration (as had been properly built up to this point). It would've been more believable to have her try to shoot Ali and Gil be the one to subdue her.

Anyways, the film made a great point about the crazies out there and how we really can't do anything about them - as it stands with the laws now - until they act out on their crazy thoughts/behavior, and whether or not that is the right call.
End of Spoiler Alert!

And by the way, yes, there are female predators out there and this film did a great job of representing them!

And on the flip side, this film also did a great job of representing the young males out there who aren't trying to hurt their female peers and are just victims of a bad situation. We have seen so many films where the young males have some "malicious" intent of "playing" the females involved etc., and not many films where the young male is just a victim who wants to make things right and doesn't know how.

Overall this film provided a very insightful yet entertaining portrayal of what it's like to have a negative encounter with a sociopath. It was very thought-provoking and well worth the watch!

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